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Label White Nationalist groups as Terrorist Organizations

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For over 150 years we have had, in our very country, groups who exist not for the elevation of a disaffected or disadvantaged group, but for the systematic oppression of them. These groups of people are unilaterally aligned against black, Latino, and non-Christian people.

These are, of course, White Nationalist organizations, such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Council of Conservative Citizens, American Freedom Party, Stormfront, Traditionalist Worker Party, White Lives Matter, Sons of the Confederacy, and innumerable others.

Any organization which campaigns against the equality of a population is, by definition, seeking to hurt that population.

With solid data on disparity of arrests, prosecutions, and convictions for the same crime rate of white people and people of color, no excuse is valid anymore. We have more information available at our fingertips than we ever have before. With this information easily searchable, anyone who holds these antiquated thoughts of minority inferiority is complicit in these actions.

Some ideas for how to discern between an advocacy group and a terrorist organization would be: the language they use to discern themselves from others, veiled references to violence, calls to action, campaigns to hinder legislative and judicial equality, reliance on skewed or misappropriated facts, and histories of violence. 

We are people of colored and white skin; monotheists, polytheists, and atheists; aligned among all positions of the political spectrum.

By signing this we are saying "Enough." It's time for a change, it's time for action, it's time for hateful White Nationalist groups to be labeled as the terrorist organizations they are.

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