Holding FBI and associated agencies accountable for their new Cointelpro Stalking

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Justice for Sarah Degeyter in Texas.
Stalked in the new FBI Coinetl pro operations that were exposed in the 1970's and has been exposed again targeting BLM activist. After tracing IP addresses on her online accounts to the houses surrounding her, one linked to a ex harris county deputy, her home was broken into by three men and she was beaten and raped at gunpoint. She fled from Houston to Fort Worth Texas as the stalking had continued after the rape, she immediately was stalked again in Fort Worth, I, Keith Lankford went to document and assist her and had a friend, Jason Foust come as well, for the stalking and harassment was incredible. Noot only does this continue to this day, Jason, now in Houston is undergoing police harassment and stalking as I am in Fort Worth. This is a highly organized and very well funded campaign of stalking and terrorism that has now became a cover up of the corrupt police and FBI that are involved in these crimes.

The FBI constantly closes online accounts, destroys evidence, blocks information pertaining to their involvement in these crimes, as they have for years in these assaults on innocent civilians.

These criminals need to be rounded up and prosecuted for their many crimes, assault, rape, attempted murder, arson, theft, burglary, cyber-crimes, etc, etc, etc.

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