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Health insurance should include hearing aids.

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Did you know that hearing loss and dementia are linked together and that there are currently no health insurance companies that cover the cost of hearing aids? Most people assume they are covered by health insurance and are shocked to learn they are not. The cost of a good set of hearing aids is $6,500 and hearing aids need to be replaced on average every 5 years. Therefore, if I live another 30 years I will spend another $39,000 in hearing aids alone. Studies have linked untreated hearing loss effects to irritability, negativism, fatigue, tension, stress, depression, withdrawal, social rejection, loneliness, reduced alertness, increased risk to safety, impaired memory and ability to learn, reduced job performance and earning power, diminished psychological and overall health. I didn't realize that before wearing hearing aids I was not fully participating in many conversations because I simply could not hear. I, and others around me, got tired of me saying "what?" or "could you repeat that please." Therefore, I got lost in my own world. My family was the first to point out to me that I needed hearing aids and initially I thought they were crazy. But I knew they were right when the first set was put in my ears and I could hear things that I hadn't heard in years. It brought tears to my eyes when I found out they were playing music in grocery stores, I could finally hear my oldest daughter when she talked to me in a crowded restaurant, I heard noises I never knew my vehicle made, and much more. I have a significant loss of hearing and did not realize it because the loss was gradual. To be able to hear is priceless! Join me in challenging Washington as they are reviewing our health care to acknowledge the tremendous effect hearing loss plays in mental health and physical wellbeing and include hearing aids in our health care insurance coverage. I hope Washington can hear me!  Please sign the petition to help all ages of the hearing impaired!  

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