Guaranteed pay for U.S. Military personnel regardless of political distress.

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On May 7, 1992.. Amendment 27 was ratified which altered Article 1 Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution.

U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 6 - Amendment 27

In the event of a government funding gap, the President of the United States is guaranteed a pay check (Article II - Section 1). Senators and Representatives are guaranteed a pay check (Article I - Section 6). Supreme Court Justices and all appointed Justices are guaranteed a pay check (Article III - Section 1). 

As a veteran, I find it distasteful that those whom serve this country in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches (elected or appointed) are ensured the ability to support themselves financially regardless of the political climate.

The very same political climate that is impacted directly by the hands of those mentioned in the above statement without bias to any particular party affiliation.

The United States Military that serves to defend our nation today is a 100% volunteer force. These men and women carry the responsibility and honor to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Unites States. In peace time, as in war, they sacrifice... as do their families... to maintain the status of U.S. power on a global stage.

The defense of our sovereign nation shall not be subject to the political whims of an ineffective government body. The funding which provides resources, equipment, and stability to our service members and their families should not be partial to political debate. The fact that Service members are bound by oath to conduct the business of national defense without compensation while those bound by oath in elected service are guaranteed compensation is absurd. This needs to be addressed immediately.

The Constitution should be amended to reflect the same financial protections for those who defend this nation as afforded to those elected and appointed. 

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