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Free Health and Dental Insurance for Active Military & Veterans and immediate families

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Free Health and Dental Insurance for Active Military and immediate family & Veterans and immediate family

America First has been Donald Trump’s mantra since his campaign began.  Evidently, few Americans are aware of the fact that America First was the name of the isolationist, defeatist, anti-Semitic national organization that urged the United States not to enter World War II.  Even fewer know the current President was a draft dodger.

Americans for Americans believe the meaning, gratitude and tremendous responsibility of being an American has been lost.  Knowledge of American history is virtually non-existent. 

We view all Americans in the same light; we are people first, Americans second, and however one wants to define themselves comes after the first two.  Our mantra is AMERICAN First!

Of course, the real heroes that defend our freedom are our active Military and Veterans who are the forgotten warriors. In all wars, we separate the warrior from the war.  No matter what you may think of any war in which America has participated, we must support our warriors and their families.  One percent of America constitutes our Military.  They and their families alone bear the burden.

The longest war in U.S. history is the never-ending war in Afghanistan.  We have record numbers of Veterans coming home missing limbs, with PTSD, etc.  The care these heroes DO NOT receive is a national disgrace. 

Here is one quote taken from My VA Story (; There is no question that veterans have good experiences. But, VA supporters “take these success stories and they hold them up as examples for the whole system, and that’s not accurate to say.”  Visit the website to see more specific examples of the failure of the Veteran’s Administration.

Our active Military pays for their health and dental care.  Although the amount is nominal compared to what most civilians pay, the bottom line is they should pay nothing.

To document the nightmare problems many Veterans have getting quality health or dental care would take a novel to describe.  Again, the point here is they should pay nothing.

Therefore, the American people demand of their Government that free health and dental care be provided to both active Military and their immediate families and Veterans and their immediate families.

We do not care what form this takes or what it costs.  Billions and billions are wasted and the money is there for the V.A. to function at a high level.  Be creative; figure it out.  The American people demand it.

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