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U.S. Senate must FIX awful new American Health Care Bill! NO August Recess for Congress!

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We all know Obamacare aka The Affordable Health Care Act sucked. Nothing that was promised stood. People lost their doctors, rates shot sky high, insurance Carriers & Providers disappeared. But it WAS SOMETHING.

The HOUSE passed GOP American Health Care Bill was bad. Now The Senate version takes things way too far the other way, hurting the sick, the elderly, Medicaid & families. Gives massive tax breaks to the rich and will leave hundreds of thousands uninsured again. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Forget about another lengthy summer recess. Keep Congress working & WORKING TOGETHER. FORCE The Senate to re-do the American Health Care Bill. Make it something to be proud of in every State! YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED. Bipartisanship. SO TELL THEM STOP THE BS AND WORK TOGETHER to GET IT DONE!!

WHILE YOU ARE AT IT, How about INCLUDING DENTAL, EYESIGHT AND HEARING? Since they are a vital part of our physical bodies and greatly affect heart health, quality of life and safety!

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Maureen E Ritter needs your help with “U.S. Senate: FIX awful new American Health Care Bill! Congress: Keep working! NO August Recess! #getitdone #worktogether #makeAmericansproud #wecandobetter!”. Join Maureen E and 366 supporters today.