Felony Tampering With Evidence

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In light of recent police involved shootings/ killings of unarmed suspects, the actions taken by these officers immediately before and after these incidents, and the officers ultimately being held unaccountable for their actions, laws must be put into place to ensure that all necessary evidence be protected, for the overall protection of the common man.  The most recent of these events being the killing of an unarmed 22 year old man Stephon Clark, and the officers immediate attempts to protect themselves and prevent justice by muting their body cameras. 

We request that in the event that an officer fails to turn on their body camera before an officer involved shooting (being that officers are "required" to have their body cameras on at all times), turns off their camera before or after an incident, attempts to cover or prevent their camera from recording in any manner audio or visual content, or mutes their camera before or after an incident, regardless of the outcome of any subsequent internal or external investigation into the shooting,  civil, criminal, or civil rights trial,  indictment or lack thereof for the resulting killing, said officer will still be charged with felony tampering with evidence,  which can result in a sentence of up to 20 years.

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