Federal Legislation to Curtail Illegal Guns

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Too often, we hear politicians and NRA extremists offer irrational explanations and solutions to prevent further mass killings and the proliferation of guns in our cities, but no one seems to want to consider a stiff federal penalty with a mandatory minimum jail sentence for anyone caught carrying an unlicensed weapon, or, for anyone who, through carelessness, made such a weapon available for use.  In other words, gun owners must be held accountable and would be required to be more vigilant about keeping their weapons locked and inaccessible to unauthorized users i.e., anyone but themselves.

We recommend a federal law that applies to anyone carrying an unlicensed firearm requiring a mandatory minimum sentence of  incarceration in a federal prison of 2 years and a fine of $5000, which, if he/she is unable to pay, will be worked off via meaningful community service during a post-release period. In addition, any licensed gun owner who is found guilty of making a weapon or weapons available because he/she neglected to secure them in an appropriate manner, the requirements of which will be issued by the ATF, will be subject to incarceration of 2 years and a fine of $5000.  Anyone found guilty of selling a gun to an unlicensed user will be subject to 2 years incarceration and a fine of $5000. All guns owned by the accused will be immediately confiscated and, if the accused is found guilty, will be destroyed at a designated ATF facility.


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