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Executive Orders Must Be Reviewed By The Supreme Court Before Enactment

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In order to protect and safeguard the United States Constitution and its existing laws all executive orders must be passed through the Supreme Court before becoming effective. If the President of the United States is given the power of a dictator through executive orders it undermines this nation. It threatens the safety and security of all its citizens, neighbors, allies, and immigrants. The President's executive orders must undergo checks and balances just as any other law or bill. And by sending any executive order to the United States Supreme Court to be deemed lawful by the United States Constitution, then and only then may an executive order be enacted. The United States is not a Dictatorship, and no one part of the government should ever be allowed to institute law or regulation through executive order without obtaining the approval of the United States Supreme Court.

Executive orders take effect thirty days after being published in the Federal Register. Executive orders bypass our lawmaking process. Executive orders are not allowed to conduct illegal activity and must not violate any part of the Constitution.

Some may think that it would make sense to allow executive orders to pass by unchecked during times of war, but even during times of war the Presidents have violated the Constitution of the United States of America.

These violations to OUR Constitution should not be allowed, even for the briefest of moments.
All executives orders need to be reviewed, within the thirty days after being published, by the United States Supreme Court in order to be deemed lawful and to ensure that the order abides by The Constitution of The United States of America.

If the executive order is deemed unlawful and/or violates the Constitution then it must be removed from the Federal Register, and the President has the option to revise or toss the order.

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