Enact laws on 24/7 covert surveillance, microwave weapons, V2K, Remote Neural Monitoring

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This growing heinous crime that the public is not aware of that is happening needs laws to be enacted and enforced. This criminal activity should be investigated and stopped. This is so illegal in so many ways. This microwave weapon, directed energy weapon attacks same as the attacks on US Diplomats in Cuba needs laws to be enacted and enforced. This organized stalking using 24/7 intrusive covert surveillance, Voice to Skull (V2K), remote neural monitoring, electronic weapons, microwave weapons, psychotronics via satellite, radar, electronics, cell tower, directed energy, GPS or other means is being used to harass people 24/7 covertly to make them appear crazy, delusional or to drive them to suicide or to incarcerate them. 

These technologies are being used to abuse and torture people. It is done by so many normal looking people in a very coordinated fashion, it is hard for victims to collect evidence and law enforcement do not help either. There are a lot of victims now of this criminal activity.

This color of law abuse, abuse of authority, surveillance abuse, civil rights and civil liberty abuse, human rights abuse, torture, watchlisting and blacklisting. This is abuse of power among some corrupt officials to target innocent people guised as "terrorism" or "national security" or "investigation" but the only intent is to harass, bully, gang stalk, destroy, and murder innocent citizen they deem as undesirable or enemy. It is just a 24/7/365 never ending harassment and torture by microwave weapons.

The FISA court was established to target international and domestic terrorists. Since there are not enough actual terrorists and to ensure annual budget growth, they have found ways to create the illusion of new terrorists. Some agencies have employed civilian groups, private security contractors to stalk, harass, and slander innocent Americans with their tax money. The community is told that they are helping our country stay safe while what they are actually doing is creating more violence and chaos. The term for this tactic is called "Organized Stalking" or "Gang stalking".

I am a single mother of 2 being targeted by a group that works or affiliated with these agencies. They use the cointelpro tactic of organized gang stalking, 24/7 intrusive covert surveillance, Voice to Skull (V2K), remote neural monitoring, electronic weapons, microwave weapons, psychotronics via satellite, radar, electronics, cell tower, directed energy, GPS or other means to harass me 24/7 covertly. 

I am not a national security threat. More so I am not a terrorist. But why am I in the watchlisted list? My targeting started due to I pissed someone powerful off even though it was not my fault and I was the victim. Their motive is retaliation and revenge/personal vendetta. There are no check and balances. Anyone can be targeted for menial reasons. 

This started due to what happened in the gym in June 11, 2013 about 3 young men I reported to police for harassment. After that I have been targeted. They put me in their watchlisted, targeted and kill list. I have moved to 4 different gyms and still being mobbed, harassed and bullied. Little did I know I was on surveillance. They were setting me up and luring in their orgy. When they failed to lure me in their orgy, they started doing 24/7 intrusive covert surveillance, Voice to Skull (V2K) and remote neural monitoring.

I have been subjected to a barrage of crimes such as hacking, cyber attack, cyber bullying, phone tapping, email monitoring, online monitoring, electronic harassment, gang stalking, slander/defamation, identity theft, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy, workplace monitoring, workplace sabotage. vandalism and property damage. There are so many men cyber bullying me and I have kept all their pictures as well. I overheard someone said they are from Secret Service but want to know the veracity of that and need help to investigate. There was also one guy that messaged me in LinkedIn before and that time he works as a DoD contractor but now works at the Army and I also kept this as evidence. I worked as a Contractor and in all of my contract jobs from 2014 they surveilled, monitored, spied and stole my data while working at PG&E (2014-2015), Genentech (2015-2016), Rimini (2016-2017) and IBM (2017). After they cyber attacked me when I was working at home for IBM as Report Developer. I lost my job and sold my home. I lost a lot of money in the selling of my home due to the sabotage. They sabotage every opportunity for me to get a job.

The 2 guys I have talked to before that tried to set me up to orgy said he is powerful and the other one said he is from the military air force/government. They both said they have the power to do everything. I have kept all my text, chat, email, pictures of these men. They have stolen and accessed all my data  (Bank account in Canada and US, mortgage in Canada and US, educational records, employment records, taxes in Canada and US, immigration docs in Canada and US etc.). They said they will find and dig dirt from the day I was born up to now in order to find any mistakes so they can destroy and pin me down. They have accessed my data in Canadian Embassy in Manila as far back as 1997 and I have sent an email to the Canadian Embassy to secure my data from hacking, data theft, sabotage, illegal access and hoping they would also investigate. They are so desperate they even dig the garbage trash to find anything to nitpick. They are nitpicking everything and they harass me via V2k and RNM by way of persecuting someone on a 24/7 basis designed to intimidate, instill fear, harass and destroy me. They are so desperate to set me up or frame me up.  I have also kept all evidences when they vandalized and damaged my property by throwing rocks and kicking the fence. My son's car was parked in his Dad's apartment and someone broke the glass. I have called the police when all these crimes occurred but they never caught who did it.

They invade and sabotage every aspect of my life. They started their harassment campaign and smear campaign and propaganda of lies to assassinate my character. I am an innocent civilian and I am not a criminal.

When I go out there are some people stalking and some mimic me by copying what I wear and do. One time, my friend even saw the stalker walking back and forth in my home close to the front door.

I have recordings of the V2K as well. The recording captures the ringing tone/frequency when it gets disrupted if I unplug some electronics. The voices of the perpetrators can be captured via bone conduction headsets. I believe the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can investigate and trace where the ELF frequency is coming from if via satellite they can pinpoint who is doing it.

Our family is getting affected. My kids only depend on me. They have been trying to kick me out of this country and separate me from my children. I came here legally and even have a lawyer. My health is also getting affected. They attack my whole body with this directed energy weapon/microwave weapon and it is so obvious who is capable of using this technology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed-energy_weapon. I feel very very ill with the attack. I experience severe headache, dizziness, ringing tone in my ears, burning sensation, vomiting/nausea, sleep deprivation, memory loss, blurry vision, my body parts jolts, my organs vibrate and they attack my heart, chest, back and legs. I experience the exact same similar symptoms of those US Diplomats that were attacked by microwave weapons in Cuba. I want to save my life for my children as they need a mother. This is causing so much emotional distress.

If I die, I want this to be investigated and these people be charged with murder.

This horrendous criminal activity needs to be investigated. We need to pass laws to criminalize and put an end to this illegal heinous crime. They violate our civil rights, civil liberty, constitutional rights, freedom, right to live freely, right to be left alone and they invade our privacy. This is complete human rights abuse and torture. This is unconstitutional and illegal. This is genocide and murder.

The private security companies and private security contractors involved in this illegal spying, invasion of privacy, gathering data illegally/hacking, cyber attack, harassment campaign, smear campaign, stalking, human rights abuse, civil rights abuse and torture using surveillance technologies need to be investigated and charged for their crimes.

We need to end this criminal activity before our children and grandchildren become victims of this horrible crime against humanity.

Targeted Justice https://www.targetedjustice.com has the affidavits of some former high ranking government officials turned whistleblowers as well as former government scientist and doctors turned whistleblowers that can attest that this targeting of innocent civilians is true. 

Bill Proposal by Dr. Tomo Shibata: The Organized Torture Act


This violates these US Codes and more:

10 US Code §950t (2) which forbids attacking non-combatant civilians with weapons of war;
18 USC §2441 which prohibits the Federal governments and agents thereof from committing acts of war upon unarmed, non-combatant civilians;
42 USC 1985 – which prohibits conspiracy to interfere with civil rights;
18 US Code (sections) §241 and §242, which prohibits conspiracy to deprive anyone of their Constitutional Rights.

Please support this petition as well https://www.change.org/p/us-human-rights-alert-stop-radiation-poisoning-torture-from-long-term-electronic-surveillance?recruiter=631610579&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_abi_gmail_send.variation.pacific_abi_select_all_contacts.fake_control.pacific_email_copy_en_gb_3.control.pacific_email_copy_en_gb_4.v1.pacific_email_copy_en_us_4.control.pacific_email_copy_en_us_3.control.lightning_share_by_medium.share_by_medium.lightning_2primary_share_options.variant&fbclid=IwAR1MAzP7wDP_SlQVCpI5QVTlGW-u3gILro6K6QF9lQXcSSsMpSfcB0u9Lh4.

Sources : V2K, Remote Neural Monitoring, Directed Energy Weapon and Microwave weapons are all patented technologies. These technologies are real and being used. 








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