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End Child Cruelty: Reform Educational Standards

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Ladies and Gentleman of the United States, my dear Nation, and all around the world:


It is to my sincere displeasure that I come to you today, pointing out that we, as a nation, are living in a state of perpetual denial, and it is hurting our own children.


First and foremost, I am a Certified Educator with experience teaching ALL ages from 0-18; likewise, I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and have 18 years of experience under my belt of training clients, on and off, for the large majority of that timeframe.  With that being said, we say that we are a nation that stands against child labor, yet in spite of that, we insist and require our nation’s public school students to labor intensely for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week and remain seated for the majority of that timespan!

Recently, in September, 2017, CNN published an article using credible sources: including the American Heart Association, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Keith Diaz, Associate Research Scientist in the Columbia University Department of Medicine, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Director of Women's Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, Dr. David A. Alter, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto in Ontario, titled, “Yes, Sitting Too Long Can Kill You, Even If You Exercise,” by Susan Scutti.  In this article, results are provided from expert research that reveal exactly that which most of us already knew (even though our nation denies it in its practices): we must stop sitting SO very much!  “The study results indicate that those who frequently sat in stretches less than 30 minutes had a 55% lower risk of death compared to people who usually sat for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.” 

Likewise, as a formal Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (still qualified to train clients), I can tell you firsthand that my observations of human beings in all of the places I have lived in reveal that approximately 25% of human beings are nearly incapable of maintaining their medically ideal weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) if they sit for more than about 75 minutes a day on average.  You may think this is drastic, but whether you care to admit it or not, it is the honest truth.  Therefore, I urge you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, which I count you all as and pray you are (I praise God for a FREE nation!), please, take some time to stop and consider: how many people do you know who actually are in the category of being the right weight and having the proper body fat content, according to Doctor’s charts.  Do you even know a single being in person?


Child Abuse: I know you may not like the term I am categorizing this as and may therefore be tempted to react defensively, but please reflect and think; it is high time to defend the innocent.  The well-being of our nation’s children is at-risk more than you can imagine!  Several experts cited above, and that exist on this planet, agree that long periods of sitting can lead to early death.  I myself, as an expert in the fitness field, can tell you that long periods of sitting decreases cardiovascular health/ function and increases aches, pains, and muscle loss while also increasing body fat content in numerous individuals.  Our nation’s schools are also in the habit of forbidding snacking between meals, which actually causes the malfunction of one’s metabolism (unless they are fasting and praying to God as opposed to just neglecting their body’s needs dare I say- ha, ha!) if more than approximately 3.5 hours pass without any caloric intake, as is our public schools’ custom. 


Moreover, we are not all made alike.  Some individuals are gifted with being fully capable of sitting and doing deskwork for hours at length while others are better at being social (showing the love), communicating, and/ or working with their hands, etc.  With endless career possibilities out there, why are we preventing our students from leading well-balanced lives?  How can we say we are against child labor and yet insist our country’s children labor (often labor in vain- need I remind you?) at their desks all day, day in/ day out?


What has become a societal norm is leading to the corruption and downfall of our once great nation!  Virtually noone in the United States, it seems to me, knows how to plant a crop, for instance, and I reside in Texas!  Few practice gymnastics, building houses, sewing clothes, and/ or gladly helping with chores.  What would be so horrible with students and teachers taking turns to help keep classrooms and kitchens in schools clean, washing dishes, and cooking meals?  Custodians would still have plenty more to clean, and we would be teaching good citizenship.  Paid cooks could supervise and teach cooking to ALL students, not just a teeny tiny fraction.  After all, is that not teaching SURVIVAL? 


Keeping our students glued to their desks for hours on end is causing the breakdown of family values; there is no time left for family.  It has become the expectation to be lazy and rude.  Because we ignore our children’s needs, many of them are now becoming rebellious.  They resist school lessons and schoolwork.  Much of a teacher’s day is spent motivating, redirecting, and/ or lecturing, instead of actually teaching in the average classroom. 

The American Psychological Association recommends studying and learning in several short sessions as opposed to attempting to cram everything into one or more long sessions ( and  Children and teens are not learning well from spending hours forced to sit.  Quite the opposite is true.  The majority would learn better with shorter lessons, shorter deskwork time, kneeling, lunging, and/or standing at their desks (or tables or podiums) when paperwork is a necessity.  Having flexible schedules and curriculums that take individualized needs into consideration would cause remarkable results.   Has your brain ever been tired, and you just seriously needed a little time to do something different?  Children are no different.  We are abusing them and forcing them to labor; please do not deny it any longer! 


Having a child help build a house is not unethical child labor.  Rather, forcing a child to build houses all day everyday that they do not want to build is unethical child labor.  Likewise, having a child or teenager sit at a desk all day for 8 hours when it is not their talent and calling; that is unethical child labor!  In fact, many public secondary schools only require one year of physical education, and there is no recess whatsoever!  Do you think this is setting up some for failure and causing them to act out?  You betcha!


So, please my mighty warriors in deed, take a stand with me today against child cruelty!  Yes, indeed, stand up and fight without lifting a single gun, sword, knife, bomb, or the like.  What am I asking?  To be clear, please sign this petition in agreement with me that our educational standards and practices need an overhaul.  With this petition, I am asking our Congress and any other countries that want to use this as well, make a change; treat children right.  It is that simple.


I love you all and thank you kindly in advance for your time and brave acts of faith!  Onward, we must go!

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