Diabetic Education and Glucagon Emergency kit training for Police Officers!!!

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There is a lack of awareness, education and understanding of what a hypoglycemic episode looks like or the sense of urgency needed to respond! Our police officers are uneducated in the medical needs required in these circumstances!! That's a scary thought when you think that a diabetic in a hypoglycemic episode looks like an intoxicated or in a drug induced state type of person instead of a person in dire need of medical ATTENTION. This is lack of training not a bashing of our men and women in blue. We do BETTER when we know better!!!! 

My husband is a Type 1, insulin dependent soon to be on an insulin pump. The first time I had to call 911 for medical assistance, my husband was denied medical treatment for 45 minutes while 2 uneducated officers "secured" the scene to ensure the safety of the paramedics and first responders because he was acting irrationally! His blood sugar level was 30, the fact that he was standing, speaking or even alive is a miracle!!! So we waited while precious time passed for them to "secure" the scene. 

WE need better understanding, training and education for the safety of our loved ones! I worry about my husband's health EVERYDAY I don't want to have to worry about his safety when in a diabetic crisis!