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Deny Trump from receiving NSA briefings until he fully discloses financial ties to Russia

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Russia has been a consistent presence in affecting the outcome of the recent U.S. Presidential election.  Paul Manafort Jr., the previous campaign manager of the Trump campaign,  was a paid consultant to a former pro Putin Ukranian leader. European and U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia was behind the hacks of the DNC and then distributed these hacked emails to  Wiki Leaks.  It is no secret that Putin did not want Hillary Clinton to win the election because of her strong stand against Russian annexation of Crimea and sanctions to prevent more possible annexation of Ukranian territory by Putin   Russia has an  elaborate network of Russian fake news sites to distribute false news on social media that had a major impact on public opinion and the American electoral process. (44% of  US voters say they receive their news through social media like Facebook) These same tactics have already been used by Russia to impact  elections or public opinion in Sweden and Ukraine. 

Trump statements during the campaign indicate  that he will not stand strongly by NATO and Trump has already said he will support Russia in aiding the current Syrian regime and reverse US existing policy of supporting the moderate rebels in Syria.  There has been speculation that Trump and his family have extensive financial and business ties in Russia.   Trump may have considerable debt to institutions or individuals in Russia.  We don't know. Trump has stated that he does not believe the conclusive evidence from almost every intelligence agency in the U.S. and in Europe that Russia was behind the hacks of  DNC and other government databases.

 Trump and his family need to fully disclose any ties they have to Russian banks, or individuals. It is wrong and dangerous for Trump to receive any security briefings until he fully discloses the extent of his ties to Putin and Russia.

We are asking the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives along with the Department of Homeland Security to investigate and conduct hearings and issue a subpoena to obtain Donald Trump's tax returns and financial records in order to fully disclose any relationships with Russia and Putin.  Since President Elect Trump is now receiving intelligence information on a daily basis, these hearings and subpoenas need to be undertaken immediately.

For further background information, please see this article in Newsweek that was published BEFORE the U.S. Presidential election:  

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