Demand that Congress Declare Violent Alt-Right Groups as Domestic Terrorists

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Today is August 12th, 2017. 

Hundreds of years ago, an imperfect Union began to construct what we now call The United States of America.  After centuries of struggle, of war, of mistakes, and of nation-building, we have come to a common set of principles as an American People. 

Through our trials and tribulations as a nation, we have found a place of acceptance for ourselves, for one another, and for those who come from different places or have different ideas than our own.  We are a nation that contains a bountiful garden of diversity, yet today, our garden is being trampled. 

For many years, this country has tolerated bigotry, racism, and violent speech.  But we've only tolerated it from one group.  This the group that now solidifies itself under the umbrella term, "alt-right," and distances itself from the supposed violent actions and ideas of the regime of Hitler, for which it is truly inspired in many ways. 

After seeing today's show of violence, which is not protected under the First Amendment, We The People demand action from our Government.  We demand that you not overlook the life of the person who has already been lost today, as, I write this at a little before 1:00 PM Pacific Time. 

We are outraged at the lack of courage in the United States Government when it comes to protecting our own people from a home-born terrorist threat as we sit here and watch you debate about who should be allowed to come in because of what language they speak or what religion they practice. 

So, with respect, we ask that you deem these kinds of actions by White Supremacy groups to in fact be acts of terror, and that you hold those who commit them, and those that support the commission of such acts be prosecuted. 


Thomas Page

Transgender Rights Movement

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