COVID-19 Isn't Over and We Need Help: Tell the Senate to Pass the HEROES Act Immediately

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We are in a state of national emergency.

Though much of the country is exhausted, no matter how tired we are of dealing with it, the coronavirus pandemic is not over. The stats for COVID-19 are harrowing: over 2 million confirmed cases in the United States, only 620,000 confirmed recoveries as of June 11th, and over 115,000 deaths. For our economy: unemployment has reached highs unseen since the Great Depression, reaching a record-setting 14.7% in April, and remaining in the double digits today.

When the crisis bubbled in early spring, our Congress gave us a temporary life preserver with the CARES Act, but the buffer the CARES Act provided millions with is about to run out. Now, the House has given us a follow up to help Americans stay on their feet: the HEROES Act. But we need the Senate to pass the bill ASAP.

Hazard pay, mortgage and rental assistance, student loan forgiveness, unemployment insurance, and our livelihoods are on the line if the Senate does not pass the desperately needed HEROES Act.

The economy and pandemic are BOTH going to affect the United States well into 2021; as it currently stands, as a nation, we aren't even prepared to handle until the end of July. The $600/week federal unemployment insurance runs out July 31st, student loan deferment ends in September at latest, and we the people will have insurmountable bills and debt after months of historic unemployment. And it still isn't safe to resume "business as usual." It won't be for some time.

With that being said, the immediate answer for our economy AND our health is the HEROES Act.
COVID-19 is NOT over, and putting the economy over the people is already getting thousands sick with states rushing to re-open. Instead, Americans need real support from their government. We need the Senate to pass the HEROES Act, a comprehensive bill that supports thorough financial recovery for the people.

The House has already passed the bill, so we know it's not only needed, but fully possible to--

A) Provide hazard pay to ALL front-line workers, who have been the amazing wheels that have kept America going during the biggest health crisis of the 21st century.

B) Give an additional one time stimulus check to residents of the United States.

C) Forgive up to $10,000 of federal student debt, and $10,000 of private student debt for everyone who is drowning in historic amounts of student debt, with no strings attached. Additionally, the CARES Act would be expanded to include previously excluded student loan types that weren't helped the first time around.

D) Fix the broken student loan forgiveness program for public servants.

E) Extend the $600/week unemployment stimulus until at LEAST the end of 2020, and thereafter make is commensurate with the percentage of the population who is unemployed, so it is always available when the country is in a state of national economic and employment crisis.

F) Broadly provide debt relief, mortgage, and rental assistance, amongst other benefits.

Tell the Senate that America cannot wait, and the country's economy will not recover at the cost of human lives. We need the HEROES Act immediately. All our Senators have to do is vote YES. Make your voice heard. Sign the petition, contact your Senator, and let's get through this crisis together.