Corporations are NOT People: Tell U.S. Senators to Oppose Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

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While deserving attention is focused on how the different views of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh from those of Anthony Kennedy could impact many future rulings, we can't ignore the similarities of his views to those of Kennedy – specifically his perspectives on expanding corporate power and rule. Prior judicial decisions point to his business friendly leanings that have favored energy, communications and financial corporations over the public interest and environmental protection.
The Supreme Court will more than likely continue the indefensible practice of concocting corporate constitutional rights (what many call "corporate personhood") out of thin air based on zero legal precedent in the future with Kavanaugh on the bench. More High Court rulings like Citizens United and Hobby Lobby can be expected that anoint corporate entities with not just power, but inalienable constitutional rights over the rights of consumers, workers, voters, residents, neighborhoods, communities and the environment.
Corporations aren't mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. They are artificial creations of the state, originally intended to be subordinate to We the People and defined by legislators through charters. No citizen ever voted for or legislature passed a law granting corporations inalienable constitutional rights. That has happened solely by judicially activist Supreme Court rulings for more than a century.
The time has arrived when a democratic litmus test should be given to all Supreme Court justice nominees on their views on corporate constitutional rights.
We demand that all U.S. Senators ask Brett Kavanaugh in meetings, letters and during his confirmation hearing to state his views clearly and unequivocally on whether he believes that corporate entities -- nothing more than collections of capital and property, a paper entity created by the state -- should possess ANY of the same inalienable constitutional rights as human beings. Further, we assert that any support by Brett Kavanaugh for any corporate constitutional right should disqualify him from consideration for a Supreme Court Justice and, therefore, demand that every U.S. Senator vote against his confirmation.

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