Continue to allow transgender troops to serve in the military

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Trump has recently banned transgender troops from serving in the military. He is claiming that transgender troops can serve, provided they don't require surgery, and says that the cost of the operation is why the military cannot allow transgender people to serve. However, Forbes estimates that transgender personell only cost 8.4 million dollars or 0.017% of the total military budget., which, when compared to the estimated 50 million the military will be spending on a completely  useless military parade or the 90 billion dollars spent on the border ( assuming the wall is built) is inseficent. The other reason Trump cites for this ban is that transgender people in the military would be a distraction, and that transgender people cannot be focused on the military. That is 100% transphobic, and is a horrid thing to say. Transgender people aren't confused about anything, they know what they are, and they are not distracted. They simply want to be who they are, and no one, not even the president should be able to take that away. So get the Senate to pass a bill rejecting this idiotic and transphobic policy, and support this petition