United States Congress Must Act Now: Suspend All Rents & Mortgages due to COVID19 Crisis

United States Congress Must Act Now: Suspend All Rents & Mortgages due to COVID19 Crisis

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your hard work in this time of worldwide crisis. Millions of Americans are being critically impacted where HOME SAFETY is concerned, by the deadly COVID19 virus outbreak. Most people are still out of work, or have greatly reduced hours, and are UNable to make their housing payments. To lose one's home is in direct conflict with the continuing 'Stay HOME - Stay Safe'' way of current life. Without a nationwide Moratorium in effect to protect Americans from losing their homes, most citizens are in serious danger during this COVID19 crisis.

We implore you to enact a nationwide United States COVID-19 Housing Moratorium to protect all American citizens, not just from losing their safety - their homes - but also from the gougers who have been preying on them and putting them in danger during this time of national crisis, and who will continue to do so after it is over. 

President Trump stated in his News Conference on 3/18/20 that evictions and foreclosures have been temporarily suspended nationwide. However: that is not the case now. Due to the phase-reopening of the states and subsequent swift resurgence of the deadly COVID19 virus across the nation, and the detrimental residual effects on American citizens financially during the initial surge of COVID19 plus the subsequent nationwide lockdowns, the majority of Americans are now at high risk.

There needs to be a Moratorium for a total pause on mortgage and rent payments, which includes stipulation that there be NO PENALTIES, INTEREST or LATE FEES after the crisis has abated. American citizens and their housing must be wholly and SAFELY protected from COVID19 related losses and struggles, and protected from being gouged by their landlords, and/or their mortgage holders/banks and insurance companies, both now and after the crisis.

Since many citizens still have very little-0 income, the current flood of demands for rent or mortgage payments, without any care towards the homeowners or renters safety and security of having shelter during this Pandemic, is causing much undue strain and stress on American citizens and potentially putting them into harms way.

Furthermore, expected POST-crisis gouging and demands of accrued payment debt(s) or penalties by banks/lenders and landlords, plus current unfair and unliveable raises in rent (discussed below) and/or evictions/threats, will cause massive widespread homelessness and suffering. It will also bring forth undue and overwhelming floods of people into Assistance Agencies, which will strangle our nation's assistance capabilities.

Rent amounts are already way out of control across our Nation, especially in states which have no rent control law(s), or similar, in place. Homeowners are raising their already astronomical rents to ludicrous, UNLIVEABLE amounts to make up for their income losses due to the COVID19 crisis, in order to ensure THEY can continue to make their payments and continue to have safe shelter in their own homes - &/or not lose their rental property so they have future rental income. Additionally, a lot of landlords are evicting those who cannot pay (thanks to COVID19 causing drastic loss of income) in favor of acquiring new tenants who can. Not to mention the fact that a lot of landlords have been losing their rental homes and therefore their renters are ending up on the street. We ALL need your help.

In conclusion, NOW is the time to ensure ALL America's citizens can "Stay Safe". We are ALL suffering in the same manner: loss and lack of income with little-no relief, massive delays on Unemployment claims, half-of-normal-income Unemployment payments, College/University closings/cancellations which is causing students to leave their rentals ('break their lease(s)"), plus limited number of CARES Package ("stimulus") payments to be received for each individual (ie: one-time payment vs. multiple payments) and MASSIVE DELAYS of the current CARES Package  payments.

To say nothing of those adults who are severely struggling because they did not, nor will they ever, receive their CARES payment - even though their caretaker also did not receive the extra CARES payment for claiming an disabled adult dependant. 

No matter how you look at it, each American citizen - whether homeowner or tenant, disabled or able, poor or rich, young or old - has suffered from drastically slashed income with little or no help, and their lives have dramatically, severely and detrimentally changed. With a nationwide Stay-Safe Stay-At-Home way of life in effect for the most part during this crisis - "HOME" (shelter) being the operative word - it is imperative you protect ALL of your constituents in this time of need. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for your leadership. America is now suffering as never before. We ask that you be on our side and protect us during this crisis so we CAN stay-home and stay-safe. Please immediately enact a United States COVID-19 Housing Moratorium to:

  • suspend mortgage & rent payments nationwide during the continuing COVID19 crisis, with the  stipulation of:
  • no penalties levied, or demands for accrued debt (interest; mortgage payments, homeowners or renters insurance payments, or rent payments),
  • with immediate effect, covering any and all COVID19 related financial diffculties beginning from Feb 2020 and continuing after the crisis has abated, to cover any and all debt accrued during the COVID19 crisis.

This will protect ALL United States citizens. We are all in this together: "United we stand..".

Thank you, and God bless these United States Of America.