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We the People are fed up.  We must retain our country as a democracy, we must uphold our Constitution and we mustn't let any person, organization or group, take our rights, silence us or intimidate us.  America is going down a dangerous road, and we need our legislators to uphold their duties within the Constitution to govern and challenge the Executive Branch and forgo party lines for the interests of us as constituents. Its time we force them to represent US and not corporations.  Enough is Enough!

Attached is a letter I am sending to the US Senate and US House of Representatives on behalf of all of us.  Lets unite against the injustice and make sure our Congressmen and Congresswomen FINALLY listen to us.  This country initially began because of oppression from the King of Britain.  We are a country of immigrants, a country of fighters and a country that values our freedoms.  When those freedoms are challenged WE MUST SPEAK OUT.  Let's bombard our reps with letters showing our dissentions!  Let's force them to DO THEIR JOBS!


Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

November 9th, 2016 was a hard day. Not because the person that I reluctantly voted for didn’t win the Presidency, but rather because Mr. Trumps rhetoric and views on a plethora of issues ultimately won. The man who showed a complete disregard for the rights of MILLIONS of people, was now our Commander in Chief and responsible for these same people. When Trump became the 45th President of our United States, I cried. Not just for myself, or my family, but because the rights of women, people of color, Muslims, LGBT, undocumented immigrants and nearly every person that was “different” was now in jeopardy. We now must figure out how to move forward with a President who lacks even the slightest basic knowledge of government in addition to his hate speech mentioned above, his appointments and Cabinet picks who lack ethics, morals and fitness, and a Congress who would rather play along party lines, putting our country at risk in a litany of ways, than to actually debate and vote based on what’s actually in the best interest of their constituents. We, the governed, now have the right to air our grievances and seek redress, as declared in our Declaration of Independence and granted to us as a right per our First Amendment.

Our forefathers were blessed to have the foresight to eliminate any path to dictatorship by any person in our land. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are consistently, and mistakenly, comingled and misquoted to justify the introduction and enactment of laws and agendas, however, the Constitution rules our land and is very specific.

The Declaration of Independence was just that, a declaration. Our forefathers were speaking directly to the King of Britain in this declaration stating his oppression will no longer rule our country, that we are now and forever separated from British rule and that we shall now rule ourselves because we believed it was our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness free from a dictator and tyrant who oppressed them at every turn. From this oppression stemmed the Constitution as we know it today. While the Declaration of Independence professed our values and intention, the Constitution is how that was interpreted and turned into the law of our land. The rights granted within the Constitution should be the ONLY source followed by our Legislative branch when enacting laws. It is also why these same forefathers, established the First Amendment to the Constitution.

“Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

Separation of Church and State is a cornerstone of our democracy. When our forefathers declared independence, a large reason for that was the oppression they faced from the King of Britain to conform and resist free thought. They wanted to ensure that as citizens, we didn’t meet that same fate. However, this right and freedom has constantly, and repeatedly, been trampled upon by those who feel their religious beliefs should play a role in legislative matters. We are protected from any one person, or group of persons, personal point of views on religion infringing upon our general welfare as citizens. Yet, legally and per our Constitution, these views should play absolutely no role in enacting laws. The job of the government is to provide for the “general welfare” absent of religious beliefs. Lawmakers constantly note their religion when coming up with bills, but that is NOT how law making in our country should be done. The United States of America does not have an established religion, nor does it have a preferred religion. Our values stem from our liberation from Great Britain, not from a particular religion. Mr. Trump has shown he intends to bolster the rights of Christians while denouncing those of Muslims. The United States of America DOES NOT HAVE AN ESTABLISHED RELIGION. These are grounds for impeachment.

Freedom of speech, which extends to both citizens and organizations such as media outlets, is another cornerstone of our democracy. The reason why they have a designated space in the White House is to ensure we are always informed about what is happening with our President, who is representing us. When you send a press secretary out to tell lies, it weakens our trust in our leader. When you intimidate our press, the holders of the information that we require, we lose faith and confidence in you. When faith and confidence is lost, WE MUST SPEAK OUT.

When a President and his administration attempts to silence our environmental and health agencies, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President refers to climate change as a “hoax” and takes actions against our science and intellectual communities, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President and his administration attack the rights of women to affordable access to healthcare and consider being a woman a “pre-existing condition, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President and his administration would rather re-route funding and planning for a nearly $20 BILLION wall that will do NOTHING but waste taxpayer money, yet do NOTHING about homelessness, our veterans or increase investments in education, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President and his administration places a discriminatory ban on travel, whereby legal permanent residents are denied entry and forced back to a country where for decades they haven’t called home, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our leader and his administration show preference to one or two religious groups, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President spreads “alternative facts” about voter fraud, attempting to destabilize our voting process and voting rights, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our leaders’ orders cause an 8-year old girl to die, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President FIRES the acting Attorney General for DOING HER JOB and NOT succumbing to his whim, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President and his administration attempts to trample on Native American lands in opposition to treaties that were established centuries ago, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President has investments in the same industry and COMPANY that he just signed an order for that just violated treaties, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our President is PROFITING from his position, WE MUST SPEAK OUT and IMPEACH.

We the People, are tired of our government NOT representing our best interests. We the People, are fed up with our representatives sticking to party lines rather than doing what they are sworn to do, uphold the Constitution of this land and ensure ALL actions taken are for the good of constituents, not their own pockets or hidden agendas. When our Congress FAILS US by not challenging the Executive branch, as is their duty per our Constitution, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When corporate lobbyists continue to throw money in governments pockets, pushing agendas that hurt us, our water, our air and our lands, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When pharmaceutical companies are charging us astronomical prices for life saving medicine causing many to be forced to go without, while posting BILLIONS in profits, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When unions are being dismantled because of corporate interests, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When the income gap goes from 40:1 to 400:1, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When legislators attempt to silence us by attempting to enact a law criminalizing our rights to protest, in DIRECT opposition to our First Amendment rights, WE MUST SPEAK OUT. When our Congress fails to properly vet, question, and debate Executive appointments, and act as rubberstamps by voting party lines rather than in the interest of constituents, WE MUST SPEAK OUT.

We now have a President, with a Cabinet, that only wants to represent his “base” with complete disregard for those who didn’t vote for him or for those that don’t share the views of his “base”. He only received 60 million votes in a country with 320 million people. That is not a majority, not even close, nor does it provide any kind of mandate for him to run with. He CANNOT show favoritism to any one sect. He CANNOT discriminate against any religious group. He CANNOT silence our media, our tax-funded agencies, our Justice Department, our any of us CITIZENS. He CANNOT profit at our expense.

We the People, come now and ask our representatives to stand up for us once and for all. We ask that you uphold the Constitution and your duties therein. We ask that you begin proceedings for impeachment of not only Mr. Trump, but of Mr. Pence, Mr. Bannon and the rest of his administration. If we continue to be ignored, we will continue to organize, protest and vote out, one by one, each of you that have voted against our interests.


Your Concerned and Fed Up CONSTITUENTS

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