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Children for sale EVERY DAY! We must end this NOW!

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Everyday thousands of children, women and even men are sold on the internet which allows the commercial sex trade industry to flourish. Are you ok with this? What if it was your child?

In 1996 the United States Congress enacted the Communications Decency Act in an effort to limit pornographic images on the internet while preserving the growth and legitimate capabilities of the internet.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which was not part of the original Senate legislation, but was added in conference with the House, where it had been separately introduced by Representatives Christopher Cox (R-CA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR). Section 230 created a loophole which absolved online serves providers (like BACKPAGE) from any liability (criminal, moral, ethical and financial) based on ads placed on their site by a third party. Section 230 allowed for sites like BACKPAGE.COM to flourish with advertisements for HUMANS for sale for sex. The illegal Commercial Sex Trade industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that sexually exploits children as young as 12, women and men who are bought and sold on sites like BACKPAGE EVERYDAY. It is estimated that in 2015 BACKPAGE.COM made $153 million dollars from the illegal commercial sex trade and sale of children, women and men on their site under the ‘ESCORT’ section.


In 2016, BACKPAGE.COM was ordered to shut down their ‘ESCORT’ section, but this did stop the ads for SEX FOR SALE. The posters of such ads simply moved these ads to the dating section of the site. ASK YOURSELF AGAIN, IS THIS ACCEPTABLE? WHAT IF IT WAS YOU’RE YOUR DAUGHTER?



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