change the drinking age to 18 for beer

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This proposal does not seek to lower the drinking age to 18 with no stipulations, on the contrary many actions will be taken to ween young adults onto the drinking scene. In America today teens are introduced to drinking through a party scene that comes with dangerous binge drinking. In European countries like France and Italy, drinking is seen in a different light because of the slow acclimation over time. This transition for the United States will obviously come at some difficulty, but in the long run will pay off with less binge drinking. Some stipulations that should be put in place for those 18-21 would be:

1) The threshold of drinking and driving would either be kept at zero tolerance or to .04 BAC.

2) Service at bars or restaurants would be limited unless with a parent.

3) The only place to buy alcohol would be at a liquor store.

4) The purchase of 15% alc content or above would be prohibited.


In conclusion, the drinking age will be changed eventually. This I believe with all my heart. There is no reason why someone should be able to fight for this nation but not drink a beer.