Bulletproof Schools in the USA

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I am Miles in Grade 11. I am from North Carolina in the United States. I have found that 187,000 students have come in contact with gun violence in schools since Columbine.

I care deeply about this issue, too many innocent children our losing their lives to gun violence in our schools and nothing is being done to prevent this. I created this petition to make bulletproof doors and windows in all the schools in the United States of America.

I know that making bulletproof schools will not make gun violence completely stop but I have created this to make it harder for these violent acts to happen. In the United States of America it is already to easy to own a gun, so why should you have it easy for violence to happen in our schools?


#Bulletproof schools, safer schools, and better us. Please consider signing my petition to make a change for the better in our country.