Ban plastic one time use items in the United States

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Plastic items are everywhere.  Laptops, cellphones, nets, cars.  Many of these things we use over and over again though.  One time use plastic items, are what are a big problem.  Plastic straws, bags, cups, utensils, plates..we use them once and carelessly throw them away.  Did you know that plastic is the one item that isn't as recycled as glass or aluminum? Plastic also takes up to 400 years to decompose, and even then it's not fully decomposed.  

Much of this plastic ends up in our oceans.  It sickens and kills sea life.  They either get entangled in plastic nets or bags, or they eat it.  This causes starvation and other diseases.  What is something we get from the ocean?  Food.  You are what you eat, right?  These fish eat plastics, and in turn, we are eating it.  These plastics have additives that cause disruption to the endocrine system.  It alters reproductive health and cause cancers.  The fish have it, we eat the fish, therefore, we also end up with it.  

We need to ban one time use items in the United States.  None of these items are necessary, and it is only for our convenience.  Use reusable bags, and no need to use straws.  Plastic packaging can be made better, with hemp plastic.  Actual biodegradable items.  Human beings are a virus, they destroy everything in their path.  But with change, there is hope.  Please join me and sign, so we can help make sure future generations don't have health issues, and that they have a beautiful planet that is trash free and full of beautiful, amazing creatures.  

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