Ban bitcoin

Ban bitcoin

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Started by Zachary Fournier
  • Infaltion in 2021 has seen a 3% raise
  • The price of bitcoin in 2021 has seen a $40,000 dollar raise
  • Bitcoin is essentially making money out of thin air it has no real aplication and should have no value
  • Making wealth from nothing only increases poverty

   In the past year the price of bitcoin has exploded by $40,000 dollars wich i would find pretty cool if not for the fact that it has no good or service connected to it. I get that people see it as a way to make money and want to use it as a currancy, however i dont think its coincidence that around the same time bitcoin started gaining value the united states has been hit with unprecedented levels of inflation effectively leaving most people far worse than befor.

   While the concept is genuinly for the good of the people i dont see any good coming from this. In the past year massive ammount of new money needed to be printed and we have seen a staggering 5% inflation rate compaired to the average wich is around 1.8%. Now we can blame this on the pandemic but i belive we would be pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

   The pandemic did not make a bunch of over night millionaires in a years time bitcoin however did. If we don't do something about this soon i belive that we will see a future were a gallon of milk will cost 50 dollars, renting a studio apartment will cost 3,000 and the value of the american dollar will become so diluted that The vast majority will be left homeless and starving weather they work full time or not bitcoin will not help up is only has the power to destroy us.

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!