Another investigation in to the Richard Heene 'balloon boy' court case

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A case on which, Richard Heene was setting up a weather balloon experiment in his backyard, the balloon flew off accidentally while being not tied properly, one of Richard's son told him his brother, Richard's other son of three was in the balloon while it was flying away, this prompted Richard to call police and airport services to inform them and to try and save his son, later It was found that his son was not in the balloon and the state of Colorado blamed and stated the whole thing was a hoax for Richard to gain publicity and that he will be facing charge for hoax and the cost of the combined effort of many state public service. Richard has stated many times this is not the case, but was forced to plead guilty over threats of deportation to his wife and the court fabricated evidence against Heene. the prosecutor and other federal employees have been under investigation in between now and 2009 when this took place and  I think this case needs to be reinvestigated under a more fair case for Richard Heene. another video from the internet historian who give all the credit to for raising this and grabbing people's attention to a mistrial.