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Institute the Pet Registration Act

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Anyone can just buy a pet right now and just abuse it with no consequences once their door is closed. Animal abuse is a pretty colloquial term-everyone knows what it is, because it happens so frequently. I personally know plenty of people that mistreat and abuse their pets by physical abuse, exposing them to drugs, and psychological trauma. It is horrible and unacceptable what some people do to animals. This Act protects animals, creates jobs, and regulates how everyone treats their pets.

The Pet Registration Act 1.0:
Every pet would be registered in the government database and given an Identification number. The government would know the species and its owner's address and name all from this identification number. The government would institute a local county-elected official with a biology or animal care background to inspect the pet regularly (every 6 months or so). This official would be trained to detect signs of abuse, and have the owner walk them through a typical day for the pet. Those who seemed suspicious would be placed under close supervision and flagged. If flagged, an individual would have weekly inspections of the pet.

At least 1 official for every 200 pets registered in a county. This would provide one person an ample amount of work for a government full time job, but without a huge overload.

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