U​.​S. Senate and Governors: Enact the Following Measurements Against Covid19 Variants.

U​.​S. Senate and Governors: Enact the Following Measurements Against Covid19 Variants.

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Megan DePerro started this petition to Senator Bernie Sanders and

I made this petition to ensure that much safer physical health and mental hygiene measures are put in place so covid delta and other variants don’t kill more people, and new variants aren’t created, and people receive the mental health treatment they need. This issue effects all Americans, refugees, and immigrants especially communities of color and the immunocompromised. The science proves county and state governments are acting foolishly and allowing everyone back to work, large events, no mandated policy for all to be masked indoors is going to lead to the deaths of millions of Americans, refugees, and immigrants in this country.

We are being fed a pack of lies that we are ready to return to normal in the United States. We are not. Being fully vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna against the original covid19 only gives 95% protection. That 5% risk is still enough to kill tens of thousands of people who are unvaccinated including babies, children, the immunocompromised, and those who cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons, and those who stupidly choose not to vaccinate due to myths that have been debunked by science.

Full protection will not occur until a minimum 90% of the United States is fully vaccinated with all three vaccine doses. The delta covid variant is so lethal it'll take 90% of the population to be triple jabbed, otherwise new and stronger variants will continue to form until mankind is not smart enough to create a medicine against it.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines only give 49% protection against delta covid and even less for other variants such as epsilon. The scary part is that is only for healthy people. The even scarier part is the idiocy of state governments allowing children back into schools and daycares, and adults and families into large events, and people being unmasked indoors.

Government officials must stop trying to appease people.

I am friends with, living with and caring for someone who is not only significantly immunocompromised but also nearly died in the end of May. I am his full time caretaker on top of taking courses online to be a registered holistic therapist by next year so that I can work with traumatized children. I'm already at burn out as are so many others. Being unemployed does not mean lazing about for millions of us. If I return to work, it will likely kill him. He's not the only one. A nurse can't come in because it's too expensive, nobody is available around the clock as after a near death injury he requires 24 hour care, and because nurses work with other people and are incredibly overworked. There are many on pandemic unemployment benefits in my shoes, as well as many burned out caretakers trying to work a job and care for loved ones. We are seeing a severe shortage of nurses in this country who quit due to burnout.

We need to stop lying to ourselves that things are returning to normal. They are not, and anyone who says we are out of the woods or nearly out of the woods is lying. Just take a look at the fact masks are now being mandated or extremely strongly encouraged for vaccinated and unvaccinated in some stores again such as AAA, Petsmart, and Wegmans. Limited capacity and assigned seating is back in some indoor places. Wegmans, my local grocery store, is now doing limited capacity again, urging all to wear a mask, and locking the doors and making people wait outside if they're at full capacity. We are necessarily going backwards because of those who can vaccinate but choose not to due to myths that circulate the internet and very misleading news titles. 

We, the petitioners, are extremely strongly suggesting the following to protect the lives and mental well-being of Americans, as well as refugees and immigrants to the US. If the following is not enacted we will see a significant increase in deaths due to various Covid19 variants including, and most sadly, the deaths of children. 

1. A return of limited capacity to all indoor and outdoor places and events, private or public, with mandatory masks over nose and mouth and hand sanitizer stations for everyone vaccinated. Those with heart conditions can wear their masks below their nose. Proof of vaccination or a negative test must be shown to enter into any building or outdoor event. Those with rare medical conditions who cannot receive the vaccine must carry a note from their doctor with official letterhead and remain fully masked. All large events will be canceled until 90% of the country is triple vaccinated and only if a new variant does not emerge making the vaccines obsolete for a substantial part of the United States due to the fact it's impossible to make sure everyone abides by the rules and keeps their mask on and eating and drinking in large groups will just spread the variants. We understand masking is decided state by state but what state governments are not understanding is the rule that you don't need a mask if you're fully vaccinated isn't working because next to nobody is asking for proof of vaccination and anti vaxxers, anti maskers will just lie and say they've been vaccinated because nobody is checking them.

2. Only high schools and middle schools reopening for fully vaccinated teenagers and fully vaccinated teaching staff with a social distancing of six feet apart and masks over nose and mouth with a hybrid model of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders attending school two days a week and 11th, 12th graders and special education students attending three days a week. Children under the age of 12 will continue to learn at home until they can become fully vaccinated.  Breakfast and lunch will occur in the classrooms. Daycares will be canceled until all babies and young children can be fully vaccinated as it is impossible to keep a mask on very young children all day, it disrupts their learning and the ability for preschool teachers to give effective teaching and makes it impossible for teachers to know if a young child is choking. Parents of very young children absolutely who need to quit work to stay home due to policy changes must be given unemployment benefits to be able to stay home with their babies as well as daycare owners, daycare teachers, and other teaching and support staff of preschool and primary aged children.

3. Pandemic unemployment benefits to remain for another 8 months until 90% of US residents, refugees, and immigrants have had all three vaccine doses including all prisoners. 

4. Much more publicity for how to access mental health services including holistic services. 

5. All unvaccinated adults cannot eat in restaurants. They must order their food to go through delivery or take out.  When entering the restaurant for pickup they must be fully masked and only in the restaurant briefly.

6. All unvaccinated adults are not allowed in any public buildings unless they can show proof they medically cannot receive the vaccine, in which rare cases they must be fully masked. The only exception is if they need life saving treatment such as CPR, an AED or someone to call 911 for them or if someone dangerous is following them. 

7. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, retail stores, and other places, will return to specialized times for the elderly and immunocompromised.

8. Much more thorough explanations through our media, such as online, TV news, radio, and newspaper explaining the risks of delta and other variants and how the 95% protection rate does not apply, how the vaccines do not contain fetal tissue as many prolife people refuse to get the shots due to this myth, how masks do help, why variants are forming and more with titles that are clear and straightforward and not misleading. 

9.  All incoming refugees and immigrants to be triple vaccinated before being allowed entry. 

10. Provide protection and paid for therapy to any Asian American or Asian immigrant who has been a victim of racism during the Covid19 pandemic. 

11. Proof of being fully vaccinated to board any public transportation such as ferry, taxi, airplane, bus, and train. If unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons a doctor's note must be provided and proof of a negative covid test must be provided prior to boarding. 


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