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Adopt The Forgotten Law! End Long Term Solitary Confinement!

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Solitary confinement is cruel, torture and inhumane! Solitary confinement violates our First, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth, & Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as Human & Civil Right's. Inmates are being held in a 8ft by 10ft stone cell, with no windows which means no access to sunlight for 23 hrs a day. Inmates have a small-scale of programs being offered, which they are placed in a cage where they may only sit or stand while attending. Inmates have No social contact, but maybe a visit If families can afford & drive hours and miles of distance away. No phone calls allowed from family/loved ones for support or encouragement. With all the torment going on in those stone cells, its a proven fact, solitary confinement is putting inmates through a psychological distress causing some inmates to suffer from a bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression & personality disorders. Solitary confinement is torturing human beings, mentally, emotionally, & physically. Without sunlight alone inmates suffer from no serotonin. Serotonin is an important chemical neurotransmitter in the human body, also in the function of the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract in both non-vertebrates & vertebrates. Serotonin is very important to our brain. Solitary confinement is no way to house a human being. 

Its time to end those old bad ways & adopt a law that offers change, humanity, a short term rehabilitation. The Forgotten Law will save states millions of dollars, as the Forgotten Law will help End Mass Incarceration, offer help, classes, training for the inmates who may use their education & training for resumes upon release or jobs for the lifers in prison who will learn how to make a living behind bars as a their responsibility. Good change will come to SHU & Ad-seg as the Forgotten Law gives inmates the humanity all human beings deserve. If this law gets adopted, SHU is to be based on a short term rehabilitation course that would be completed in phases. A 6 month course that is 2 months per course. Inmates must and will complete each phase in order to go to the next phase. If an inmate does not complete either phase 1, 2 or 3 then they shall still leave the 6 month program. These phases will have more programming as you reach the higher phase. Throught the Short-Term Rehabilitation Course inmates will work their way through earning and recieving anger management, counseling for resumption of normal skills and activity levels, religious groups, phone calls to families for support & encouragement. Access to sunlight, accss to hobbies, at least 2 hours of yard time, readng, writing, math and communication skills. Skyping will be allowed for the support and encouragement of family/loved ones. The Forgotten Law will allow inmates to work around the prison & in the prison in their block, on their teir to make money so they may learn how to be self sufficient.  If this law does not get passed the inmates, our loved ones will continue to be treated inhumane. If you do not sign this petition you will be turning your cheek to offer humanity & dignity for thousands of human beings. The Forgotten Law is to End Long Term Solitary Confinement & Alleviate Conditions in Segregation(Ad-seg) Including the Provision of Regular & Meaningful Social Contact. Adequate Healthcare & Access to Sunlight. End Group Punishment & Abolish the Use of Debriefing. Provide Adequate Food/Meals. Expand Programming & Privilege's (Rehabilitation.)

Inmates are human beings, they are a family member, a loved one, a friend. I have a brother doing life and is housed in solitary confinement (SHU) at a super max prison in California, I have a husband who did 4 years in a Shu at a California prison. A human is sent to prison for disobeying the law, however, at no time should a human being be stripped from their humanity, dignity, or liberty. I go through an emotional pain while my loved ones are incarcerated in solitary confinement for just knowing their locked down in a stone cell 23 hours a day & have no encouragement what so ever!! Sign the petition for our loved ones, for humanity, because its the right thing to do. America is better than this, America is not set to be inhumane, cruel or torture so lets End Long Term Solitary Confinement. Thats how we make America great again!!! Sign the petition!!

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