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Adopt a National Slave Memorial for Washington, D.C.

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The National Slave Memorial Act, Bill H.R. 196 was presented to Congress in 2003. It proposed the construction of a National Memorial to the memory of Black African American men, women, and children who were forced into slavery and subjected to oppression, tyranny, and genocide across the Western world, including in the United States of America.

The purpose of this Memorial is to draw awareness to the inhumanity that was inflicted on these peoples. The intent of such a National Memorial is to summon our country to honesty regarding the reality of slavery in United States history and to acknowledge its lasting effects on African American people. We must be summoned to remembrance of the atrocities committed, thereby fostering Truth and Reconciliation among the races in our country.

We, the undersigned, ask that you place the Slave Memorial Act again before the Congress. We name the following reasons for Congress to adopt the National Slave Memorial Act:

  • 12.5 million human beings were captured into slavery in Africa beginning in 1501, one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.
  • 1.5 million human beings died in the Middle Passage, the trans-Atlantic transport of slaves under inhumane conditions.
  • Slavery existed for 246 years in the United States of America, as documented in 38 volumes of slave narratives, including 2300 first person narratives available from the Library of Congress.>
  • 4 million human beings were being held captive as slaves in the United States at the time of abolition.
  • Following legalized slavery, a system of structural discrimination was embedded in Jim Crow laws and reinforced by willful policies of intimidation, which included more than 5000 lynchings, many of these held as public spectacles and executed without recrimination.

 We believe the creation of an African American Slave Memorial would be a public recognition of the history of slavery in our country, which we cannot silently overlook. This Memorial would be a testament to the 12,000,000 African-born people, who endured the genocidal effects of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This Memorial would serve as a tribute to the millions of lives that were lost and contribute to a fuller measure of repentance and healing which is sorely needed in our country in relation to the legacy of slavery.

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