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Add Harambe's Face to Mount Rushmore

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On May 28, 2016, this country suffered a terrible loss. Harambe, a 17 year old Western Lowland gorilla, was brutally slaughtered in his own enclosure at the Cincinatti Zoo and Botanical Garden. The reason for his murder? A three year old boy entered his habitat, and Harambe, being the gentle and kind soul that he was, tried to soothe and entertain the child while he waited to be returned to his parents. In any video of this event, you can clearly see Harambe holding the boy's hand and playfully splashing him in the enclosure's pond. This incredible interspecies display of affection was brought to a brutal end by a vicious zookeeper, who murdered a beautiful endangered animal on impulse. Harambe's death was unjustified. While we cannot bring him back, we can memorialize him on Mount Rushmore so his legacy may live on. Generations of future Americans will look upon Harambe's strong-featured but kind face and reflect on his life, death, and how we can prevent such a tragedy from ever befalling us again.

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