A Time for Change in the Military - The Brandon Act

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We are seeking legislation that is currently being written by Congressman Seth Moulton from Massachusetts with backing from the following senators: Mike Rounds, SD, Angus King, ME, Gary Peters, MI, Tim Kaine, VA to name a few.  This legislation needs to be in place to save countless military servicemembers lives from dying by suicide.  

The Brandon Act was created by me because my son, PO3 Brandon Caserta, died by suicide on June 25, 2018 by jumping into the rotating rear tail rotor of a HM-60 helicopter on his Naval command's flight line, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28 (HSC-28) not once but twice.  He was bullied, hazed along with many other things that command did to him.  He wrote 6 letters and they all blame the Navy and HSC-28.  Please go to www.thebrandonact.com for more information or go to The Brandon Act Facebook page to follow the progress of The Brandon Act legislation.  Here is a link to Brandon's story.  It is written by me, his mother. https://militarycorruption.com/brandon-caserta/

The Brandon Act is designed as a safe word that servicemembers can use for anything like bullying, hazing, any type of sexual abuse, violence, rape, alcohol, drugs, finance, etc.  It would allow servicemembers who are in toxic abusive commands the option to leave their commands.  It would allow an outside entity to conduct investigations which would take them out of the hands of the commands.  Conducting their own investigations is like the fox guarding the hen house.  No one would be able to cover anything up.  It would hold commands and the chain of commands accountable for their actions or non-actions (if someone sees something and doesn't report it).  It would allow them to seek and get help without retaliation for doing so.  The Brandon Act would also protect the Commanders and the chain of commands as well.

We are asking for a congressional hearing to hold commanders and commands accountable for their actions or non-actions.  Please sign the petition to get The Brandon Act passed.  It's time we defend our defenders.