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This is an open call for the US Senate, House of Representatives, US EPA, The Department of Veteran Affairs, and vested stakeholders to hold a synergy, reconciliation brainstorming session for the purposes of proposing actionable solutions to the issue of the many different chemical exposures of the populations of the Ft. McClellan and surrounding area. 


There are many soldiers, armed forces families that have been greatly affected by the many chemical exposures of Monsanto pollution paradigm and while the citizenry of the surrounding Anniston Alabama area have been addressed no resolution or compensation has yet to be offered to the Armed Forces Veterans and their families which have all been affected by the pollution of PCBs, VOC's, the burning of other various chemical of the like. 


This is not a call for blame rather a call for solutions much as the resolution for the affected populations of the Agent Orange exposures was a call for precedence justice regarding these matters.  This is a call for serious investigation, accountability, and a call for a round table synergistic actionable committee and research to be carried out into the issues surrounding this yet unresolved environmental and social issue. 


This is a call for environmental management professionals, stakeholders, governmental agencies and the community to become more active in their surroundings, environment and to effectively communicate with one another in a credible, educated and logical fashion in order to attain and maintain a standard of environmental and anthropogenic justice in this world.  We are Americans and should be setting the standard in all things and we often do (however it is the duty as an informed American and environmental scientist/researcher to share my findings) and thus this is my first venture in that. 


How serious the American public takes this is thus a dual purpose gauge and informal social poll/census of whether or not the American public actually still cares about the Veterans and the families of Veterans affected by such things.  This is a call for social sustainability as well as environmental sustainability as there is a firm case for the two being holistically and intrinsically linked. 


Because it was environmentally unsustainable for Monsanto to poison the Ft. McClellan veterans, families of veterans and the citizenry at large and it was socially unsustainable for the city of Anniston, Alabama to get some measure of justice, recognition,  and compensation for the toxic effects of the exposures while absolutely no justice, recognition, and compensation has been given to the warriors and families of the warriors which served this great nation only asking that when they were harmed that the American citizenry looked out for them in reciprocal and symbiotic fashion. 


This is a call to begin the research and the fusion of dialogue and social change needed in order to sustain a rational world leadership position on the position of environmental and social sustainability within this great nation.


If the current Administration truly supports Veterans this will occur as opposed small conciliatory budget increases that reap little to no actionable results for Armed Forces Veterans across the board.  We served so others would not have to take the call upon them all we ask is when it comes time to take care of us that the government and American people do the same.

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