Thank U​.​S. Senator for Putting Kids before Pot Profits

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As the vaping epidemic swept the nation, U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo had the courage to stand up for more safeguards for America’s kids.

Four out of five vaping illnesses involve THC, the chemical in marijuana that makes users high and harms young developing brains.

The marijuana industry wants to expand commercialization across the nation and is spending millions lobbying for Congress’s support.  Sen. Crapo said protections must come first, including limiting marketing to kids and curbs on high THC potency, which has been associated with mental illness. 

Sen. Crapo chairs the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, which will review legislation the marijuana industry needs to make billions more, so his statement sends a powerful message: Put kids before pot industry profits.

It’s not surprising that the marijuana industry has criticized Sen. Crapo.

Whatever you think of marijuana legalization, please join us in thanking Sen. Crapo for protecting America’s children by signing this online petition below. 

One Chance to Grow Up focuses on protecting the health and well-being of youth as marijuana becomes increasingly commercialized. It's an initiative of Smart Colorado, which was formed when Colorado became the first state with recreational marijuana.