Retail Investors Demand Market Transparency! Please SEC, amend Form 13F Requirements!

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Retail Investors demand more visibility into institutional trading and borrowing. Anyone investing over 1 billion dollars (i.e. hedge funds and other investment institutions) is required to disclose their holdings to promote transparency in our markets - it's called Form 13-F. But did you know that they only need to disclose it 4 times a year? And did you know its published with a 1 month delay? And did you know that they don't need to disclose all of their positions?

We the people are asking for a re-evaluation of transparency requirements for Institutional Investors. We have access to technology and data gives us new sophistication - and are beginning to understand there is a tremendous disparity in access between retail and institutional investors, and are concerned that this access is being used against us, in ways that we genuinely worry could be in flagrant violation of Securities Laws. We believe that with better access to institutional trading data, retail investors can better participate in the market when making buying and selling decisions.

According to Form 13F (, Institutional Investors only need to disclose their positions 4 times a year. Why?

3. Filing of Form 13F. A Manager must file a Form 13F report with the Commission within 45 days after the end of each calendar year and each of the first three calendar quarters of each calendar year. As required by Section 13(f)(5) of the Exchange Act, a Manager which is a bank, the deposits of which are insured in accordance with the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, must file with the appropriate regulatory agency for the bank a copy of every Form 13F report filed with the Commission pursuant to this subsection by or with respect to such bank. Filers who file Form 13F electronically can satisfy their obligation to file with other regulatory agencies by sending (a) a paper copy of the EDGAR filing (provided the Manager removes or blanks out the confidential access codes); (b) the filing in electronic format, if the regulatory agency with which the filing is being made has made provisions to receive filings in electronic format;

In your FAQ (, it is clear Institutional Investors are not required to disclose short positions. Why?

Question 41
Q: What about short positions?

A: You should not include short positions on Form 13F. You also should not subtract your short position(s) in a security from your long position(s) in that same security; report only the long position.

Contact the SEC and let them know retail investors demand increased transparency (

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