Appeal to FINRA and SEC Enforcements to Investigate Andrew Left of Citron Research

Appeal to FINRA and SEC Enforcements to Investigate Andrew Left of Citron Research

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Started by M Samara

Throughout the previous years Citron Research, a dedicated "research" company, founded by Andrew Left, a questionable short seller, who has been sued and convicted by regulators as well as governments, has been publishing deliberate yet legal falsehoods made to pass as facts in order manipulate stock prices for own gains. Citron's reports are usually damning in tone, armed with a provocative headline and followed up with a targeted social-media push, what they seem to do quite well is they are able to spin existing facts into a horrible scenario that reads very badly in order to create market panic.

While information Citron Research publishes are carefully selected and distributed in ways that do not break the law at first sight, the SEC and FINRA have overlooked the fact that Left and Citron gains are a result of distributing catalysts in an anticipation of substantial price changes due to public response in either panic, encouragement, or simply a catalyst action wave ride. Their job as a company is to create the most amount of panic shortly after taking a trading position so they and their clients can make the most amount of financial gains on the expense of regular investors.

The Stock trading rules of FINRA and SEC are clear enough to forbid such activities but yet no actions have been taken againsts Citron Research or Andrew Left despite the continuous practices that caused many investors financial damages. One remarkable issue to mention is that Citron, and others in the space, are allowed to release reports to clients before the general public, which makes for an unfair playing field.

It's worth mentioning that the Los Angeles-based Citron Research was set up in 2001 by former commodities trader Andrew Left. In the late nineties, Left and others at trading firm Universal Commodity Corp. were sanctioned by the U.S. National Futures Association. The regulator found that Mr. Left "made false and misleading statements to cheat, defraud or deceive a customer in violation of NFA compliance rules". Left was subsequently barred from acting as a principal in the industry for three years and ordered to take an ethics-training course.

This petition is an attempt to plead to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to investigate Andrew Left and Citron Research for their illicit actions on behalf of the many people who continuously suffer of this behaviour, please sign the petition and share with everyone who is affected by the illicit and illegal publishing of Andrew Left and his media company.

38,059 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!