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Petition In Support of Better Protections For LGBTQ+ in Turkey

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The threat against the LGBTQ community represents the creation of an environment by the Turkish government that is hostile toward internationally recognized human rights standards. Problematically, this country is a place of refuge for LGBTQ individuals in neighboring countries. Therefore, while they are leaving their homes to seek a better living condition, they are met with hostile conditions and unfair treatment. Examples of this unfair treatment have recently included tear gassing Trans movements and canceling gay pride parades out of concerns for “security." This sentiment is completely unfounded, and the people of Turkey should be able to peacefully gather and publicly display pride. Especially for those whom have come to Turkey for refuge, these events are problematic. Again and again, those seeking refuge in Turkey still must live in hiding and fear.

Bigotry and intolerance must be challenged at every turn. More importantly, actions and policies by governments that ignore or undermine the fundamental rights of individuals need to be condemned by all governments. This is not the case in Turkey, where government supported media uses anti gay bias to push their agenda and even to gain support; police enforcement get away with a hidden discrimination towards LGBTQ people by citing moral indiscretions and preventing any “act in a shameful and embarrassing way unfit for the position of a civil servant.”

We, the undersigned, respectfully call upon you to call upon the Turkish government:

  1. To allow for peaceful gathering of LGBTQ people in manner that supports the community instead of represses their public display of pride.
  2. To uphold the international standards to which they are a party.
  3. To protect the human rights of all its citizens; and
  4. To remove language from law documents that targets LGBTQ people in employment and other kinds of discrimination.

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