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U.S. Representatives to the Ecuadorian National Assembly: Preserve the Yasuni-ITT Initiative. Don't drill for oil in our Amazon!


Recently, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa made an executive decision to drill in the ITT oil reserves located within Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest (Yasuni National Park), violating the Ecuadorian Constitution.

The ITT initiative was a policy expressly created to preserve one of the most biodiverse regions of the world, as well as to protect the human rights of indigenous peoples and tribes living in voluntary isolation within Yasuni National Park.

As Ecuadorian citizens living abroad, we are awarded two representatives to the Ecuadorian National Assembly. The Assembly is currently considering the government’s request to drill for oil in the Yasuni ITT. We want our assembly members-- Ximena Pena and Alex Guaman--to preserve the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, and to follow Article 57 of the Ecuadorian Constitution which declares that "all forms of extractive activities" shall be forbidden in such territories and their violation "shall constitute a crime of ethnocide."

We are proud of our multi-ethnic and multi-racial heritage. Yasuni National Park is not only a global asset, but a source of national pride and identity. We have every right and duty to protest an executive decision made on our behalf that will permanently affect our country. We are against exploiting Ecuador’s natural resources and the genocide that will occur as a result of tapping these fields. Don’t Touch ITT.

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    Alex Guaman

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