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Funding Grocers to Eliminate Food Deserts

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Food deserts are  areas where there’s no grocery stores. People get their food from gas stations and corner stores, thus their food is very unhealthy. Because people do not have access to fresh whole foods, food desserts make up a huge percentage of America’s obesity rate.      

A state lawmaker has been trying to pass bill for the last few years. The bill was supposed to force the government to fund big grocers like Publix so they would build stores in these food deserts.  

The funds would mostly be used to build a new store, purchase or support an existing store, or even support stores that already exist in the community.    

This bill keeps on getting rejected because there’s not enough will from politicians which is weird because our government claims to spend over 400 million dollars every year to fix up these areas but the number of people in food deserts continues to grow annually.

 What we don’t have is the support of people. People like you. That’s why by signing this petition, we can show these political leaders that this issue needs to be solved. We can make them pass the bill this way.

 There are children going to sleep hungry. Students depend on their small lunches for healthy options and when they’re not in school, they’re constantly eating junk food that deteriorates their health.

 By signing the petition, we prove to these politicians that this issue is worth working on. We can’t keep sweeping it under the carpet as if it didn’t exist. Its still there and it needs to be fixed. And by funding grocery stores to open in such areas, these food deserts can be eliminated one at a time.

Sign this petition to help eliminate food deserts. A minute of your day can help save a whole community’s future.

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