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Resign from public office

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Since, this deadbeat dad (120,000 behind), has been elected to office, he has done nothing but embarrass the citizens of N. Illinois. He has heckled our President, boycotted speeches by our President, screamed at attendees of his 'Cup of Joe' open houses for asking a question he didn't like, has been caught on camera saying "I don't give a F*** about the public sector. Finally, William Joseph Walsh has hit a new bottom by making comments about his opponent Lt. Col Tammy Duckworth. She became a double amputee when her Blackhawk was shot down in Iraq. He claims what she did for our country was "not heroic" and she is only going to use her service as a ploy to get elected. nd instead of apologizing, he went on to defend his claims. The woman gave her body parts for our country, while this guy was busy dodging his child support. If you feel this bottom can't get any lower and it is dangerous to leave this man in office until Jan '13, please sign my petition.

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