U​.​S.-Impose Sanctions on Inhumane + Unhygienic Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

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Compassionate, concerned citizens across the globe are urging (pleading with) the U.S. to be the leader in snuffing out the inhumane and dangerously unhygienic Dog and Cat Meat Trade (DCMT)!

It is imperative to do so because of the sheer brutality and animal cruelty involved, as well as the looming threat of it causing the next world-wide pandemic.

Pets are stolen, strays are ripped from the streets, and dogs + cats are raised on “meat farms”. They are shoved and crammed by the numbers into too-small cages. They suffer from broken bones, dehydration and wounds from anxiously biting one another during transport to their place of execution. They are fed cannibalistic slop composed of the scraps and remains of those already killed.

In communal “wet markets” they are blow-torched, skinned, boiled and limbs cut off whilst still alive! They are bludgeoned to death or strung up and strangled in front of the others who await their turn. Dogs and cats are tortured, maimed and killed in such barbaric ways because connoisseurs believe that the animals' fear and adrenaline produces “tastier meat”. Human males in regions of SE Asia also have the nonsensical, superstitious belief that eating the meat increases their sexual prowess. Another falsehood is the notion that people depend on dog and cat meat for survival. This is simply not true. Dog and cat meat is actually more expensive on the menus in these countries than livestock animals, and is considered to be a “special treat” or delicacy.

Millions of dogs and cats are killed for human consumption each year across SE Asia and several other regions of the globe. The most notable countries participating in the DCMT are as follows: China, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Tonga, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This inhumanity and total negligence toward world health must not be allowed to continue! This is a continual holocaust of the world's most beloved animals. Dogs and cats have been domesticated and have lived with and graced humankind with love and companionship for thousands of years. To reiterate-the hazardously unhygienic means by which these animals are captured, bred, transported and butchered alive in public areas threatens us with yet another deadly outbreak! The U.S. must impose sanctions on the above-mentioned countries. We need to send the message loud and clear that such extreme animal cruelty will not be ignored and condoned, and that we will not allow another deadly pandemic to ravage the planet! If we carry on business as usual, while continuing to excuse this barbaric and dangerous practice, are we not just as culpable?