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Dying Your Way: The Humane Thing To Do For Humans

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TRULY hope this petition gets thru to many, many, people, and that we can make this cause possible all over the country.

Have you ever seen someone you REALLY love die, after having suffered a terminal illness?  Did you enjoy watching them suffer / struggle as they lay in bed just WAITING to die?  Did you imagine at that time, that the person lying there in pain / suffering could be you one day - and is that the way you want to die when it's your time?  EVERYONE should be thinking / acting on this, as at some point in all our lives, it's our turn, and there's no guarantees it's going to be an immediate / instantaneous death.  It could be a long, drawn-out affair.  Is that how you want your loved ones - or even yourself - to pass away?

Well, I have done all that, several times.  You see, cancer runs in my family.  My mother died from cancer at 53.  My oldest brother died from cancer at 50.  My maternal grandfather died from cancer, I think he was in his late 60s, my paternal grandmother died from cancer, I think she was in her 80s.  And along with those have been many, aunts, uncles, cousins.  And I am now a 2X cancer patient.  I was diagnosed in 2010, age 51, with breast cancer, did everything required to get rid of it, in remission 2 months shy from my "5 year anniversary", in 2016, where it had metastasized to my bones.  2 spots on my spine and 1 on my hip.  Went back on medications, but found out in Dec. that they found other spots, so now I have 8 spots in the bone, but it's still considered breast cancer as that's where it started.  And anytime it goes into the bone, there is no cure or surgical procedure to remove it - you now have Stage 4 cancer.......the last stage.  Depending on how bad it is, there is treatment to try and slow it down and / or kill it..............if you're lucky.  I started this treatment this past April, so we have to wait and see if it's working.

So for me, genetics determine I get cancer; but not all terminal illnesses are from cancer.  In this day / age cancer has become a very large killer of humans, and it's no pick-nick going thru it.  But there's also heart disease, Alzheimers, dementia, diabetes, strokes, respiratory diseases, liver diseases, and on and on and on.

So I really want EVERYONE to contemplate your demise.  There are tons of elements that affect our overall health.  And even thought you may not want to think about your death, we're ALL going to face it at one point or another.  Some will pass young and others will pass old  -  but pass we will.

NOW, think about the ONE thing that the nonprofit Compassion & Choices is working so hard to get passed thru governmental channels.......Medical Aid in Dying or Death With Dignity, however you want to phrase it.  THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!  If it can get passed, no one has to die in pain, agony, suffering, indignity!!!!!  This is present / future technology that helps humans, that we didn't have before!!!

And in closing, one of the things that I think about mostly..........if it's "the humane thing to do", to put your pets out of their misery when they're at that point  -  WHY ISN'T IT "THE HUMANE THING TO DO" with humans??????!!!!!!!!! 

I DO NOT understand this way of thinking, and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for someone to explain this to me so I can understand it, cause I don't!!!!  Some people probably consider it another form of suicide, but I don't.  Your getting help from a doctor, and to be completely honest, I don't believe that my GOD wants us to go thru any of that before we die.  Why would a loving, caring, supportive GOD feel that's a good thing????!!!!!!!!  

And wouldn't it make YOU feel better to know that your loved one  -  or even you  -  are able to die the way they want.

Just remember  -  the Government NOR the Church (which both would argue the fact somehow, I'm sure) DO NOT OWN YOUR BODY!!!!!  ONLY YOU OWN YOUR BODY AND IS YOUR'S TO DO WITH AS YOU FEEL IS RIGHT!!!!!!  If they argue differently, they are pretty much saying that if they can determine this over YOUR OWN DECISION, they're tell you that you are pretty much a slave to them - in a different manner.   I could've thought slavery was against the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who are they to DECIDE how you die??????!!!!!!!!!

I could so argue this point for a long time, but I'll just leave you with what I've already posted.  Thank you in advance for your support, and I personally would love to see this passed before I die.


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