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Fix the GRID

It has come to my attention that for some time now, our grid is insufficient to withstand strong solar flares, EMP attacks or other things that would bring our grid down that would affect us all. Especially important would be our nuclear facilities and put our people in imminent danger. With the grid ineffective, we would lose all our energy and technical capabilities and our welfare; including food, shelter, and emergency services.

I understand that so far our government would rather the private sector foot this bill which would be a billion dollars or more which most cannot afford; however, our goverment who is there to protect its people has this capability and I understand it would be the cost of one 52 Bomber plane; perhaps more, but in any event, the ramifications of not doing this would be like the Katrina tragedy. Warnings were there years prior to what happened; scientists warned us, but everyone hoped it would not happen. Well, we all know what did happen and it ended up costing so much more in lives, property, etc., lost, costing expoentially more than if they had been fixed prior to the catastrophy.

We need to be prudent and take action in this important matter. I am sure scientists, and other professsional people could make this case for me. I am just a concerned citizen and hope that this Petititon is taken seriously and that we can do what is necessary for the protection of our country and people.

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