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U.S. News Media: Stop the irresponsible coverage of mass murderers that encourages copycats

Tragedies like those at Sandy Hook Elementary are about more than just guns. It's time to take away the incentive for copycat killers.

Stop glorifying the delusional, unstable people who commit these terrible crimes. Stop saying their names. Stop reporting on their lives, their Facebook pages, their tweets, their blogs, and their letters. Stop interviewing their acquaintances, friends, and neighbors. Stop plastering pictures of them on every news channel and front page. Stop making potential copycats think they'll end up famous if they perpetrate these unthinkable acts.

They imagine their crimes will make them tragic heroes, that we'll all know their names and memorize their faces. You--the news media, the journalists, the newspaper editors, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, and all the others--play an integral role in preventing this.

Send a strong message to any potential copycats that their crime will not etch them in our collective memory. Stop talking about the killers. Do not speak their names. Let them move into oblivion where they belong.


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