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The Navy needs to step up and help a missing Sailor.


We need to show support to this family, please help us get the word out, and get this petition signed.


On 28 May 2013 around 2:30 p.m. Chief Kevin Williams went missing, in his NWU's (blue camo). On the day of his disappearance he withdrew $15. In the days since his disappearance there has been no activity on his credit cards. He was reported missing on the 28th, after missing his daughters awards ceremony. This man has been a responsible soldier for 15 years, following all the rules, advancing to the position of Chief.


Within 24 hours of his disappearance, his family was advised that Chief Williams is UA (unauthorized absence) and the Navy will be cutting of his pay and benefits. She was also advised that there are programs that will pay her bills for the first 90 days, to help transition to civilian life. She received several more visits from Navel personnel since her husband’s disappearance, each one delivering the same negative information, followed by “The Navy is here for you”.


Here is what they have done for her, she has received $300 of food (no more in the future), they will be coming to cut her grass, and they offered to call her creditors and ask for a 90 day extension on her bills, to include the mortgage, car loan, etc. Where is the help, the support? How is holding off payments going to help her pay that money? Her job only pays for food and gas, his pay has always paid the bills.


Yesterday, 18 June 2012, she was told medical insurance will be cut off on 28, June 2012. Ten days, no offer from TriCare for Cobra, and even if they did, she has no way of paying it.


This man worked hard to climb the Navel ladder, he would not just walk away from a 15 year career, loving family and adoring wife. He never gave up on the Navy, why are they giving up on him.


We are writing this petition asking the Navy to step up the search for Chief Williams, and take care of one of their own. Chief Williams disappeared wearing his blue camo’s


Leave no man behind. The Navy needs to step up and take control of this investigation, and provide for this family.

We need to show support to this family, please help us get the word out, and get this petition signed.

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