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Replace Confederate Statues with Dinosaurs

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Confederate monuments around the nation are being removed with nothing to take their place. There are numerous large dinosaur and other fossil replicas in the back rooms of museums, or that are otherwise available. Students will be able to learn about the life and history of our great nation through the life that once lived here. For instance, the recently removed statue of Robert E. Lee in Baltimore could be replaced with a large duckbill dinosaur called a Hadrosaur, which has a real history in the area. The largest of sharks, the Megalodon, with a mouth as large as a car, has its fossils found not far from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Robert E. Lee himself was critical of the idea of statues honoring Civil War generals, fearing they might "keep open the sores of war." Dinosaurs on the other hand, were basically fearful of being eaten, and that is about it. What better of a way to help our nation heal, than to learn about the great megafauna that once lived here. There were once sharks swimming in Kansas, and relatively recently during the Pleistocene, there were sloths the size of elephants that dug burrows miles deep and wide enough for a car to drive through. What kid wants to drive to a park and stare at a statue of a general when he can instead learn about the giant animals that ruled this land?

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