Removal of Confederate monuments

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Brief update:

Germany doesn’t have nazi statues and no one has forgotten the holocaust. I’m not saying destroy them necessarily, but 718 is EXCESSIVE.

The statues could be moved to a museum where their emotional impact would be less traumatic to those they burden. I personally would like to see our country illuminate parts and people of our past that we’re proud of.

Immigrants, musicians, Medal of Honor recipients, female airforce pilots, etc. people and things that history WILL eventually write out of the history books should be mounted in their place. 

Imagine if your abusive ex was mounted on a statue in your living room to make sure that you wouldn’t ‘forget’. Kinda narcissistic and belittling in my opinion..don’t ya think..? 

Why are we erecting traitorous losers in the first place?

We can do better. We will do better. 

Haley G
1 year ago