Make LeConte Lodge Great Again

Make LeConte Lodge Great Again

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Hudson Kemp started this petition to U.S National Park Services

LeConte Lodge, located in the Great Smoky Mountains and known as the highest guest lodge in the eastern United States, boasts many multi room and single room cabins. Heated with propane, without any electricity. Glamping you might call it, however, it is one of the most rewarding things a hiker can accomplish. After a long 5.5 to 8 mile hike, enjoy a home cooked feast around family sized tables! Hikers can enjoy board games and books in the main lodge, or retreat on the porches for the unimaginable views of the smokies. Next morning, a breakfast feast is cooked and served and a go-lunch is packed for each hiker. At-least that’s how I remember it. 

This is what so so many people want to enjoy every year. The lodges sell out almost every year which is a fantastic selling point, it is desired by hikers from across the globe!

However, every great thing always has a negative somewhere around the bend.

The current booking procedure in place for LeConte Lodge is a failed process. 

It has been tinkered with year after year, but what is currently in place leaves many desired guests unattended, left out, and unfairly misled. 

It is recommended to place online requests for booking dates. Once you do this, you receive a confirmation email that confirms your request has been submitted, and explains that you won’t be contacted if your dates aren’t available-which is ridiculous by itself, but that’s basically it. 

Nowhere in this confirmation email does it recommend to call the lodge to book, nor does it state that other desiring guests can call and get a place in line (well, an imaginary line, that really doesn’t exist), ahead of those who have already submitted written requests. 

I didn’t find out about this until I followed LeConte Lodge on Facebook hoping for updates on their availability. Through comments I could see that some were sent emails who had available dates and then there were others who were complaining that they submitted written requests the very day it was available to do so, but were never contacted. At that time, those desiring guests, as well as myself, saw other guests commenting that they have been calling for hours, literally hours, and some days upon days, and finally got through to book their dates they desired from the get go. 

It is completely unfair to those who work full time jobs and don’t have the ability to call all day every day to get a date. 2-3 days later and the entire 2020 season is booked. Game over.  I have tried two years in a row, and I’ve requested multiple dates and never gotten a single response. Had I known calling was an option, I would have tried. But like many other desiring guests who were left out or got cut in line, we work full time, we can’t continuously call over and over. 

This petition is asking the National Park Service to take over this booking process. It is 2019, not 1980. 

These spots should become available just like tickets to a concert, or hotel rooms at a vacation destination.  All online, either open the doors at a specific time for people to go online and book, or allow written requests and WORK WITH THOSE ONLY. In order from first to last until the lodge is completely booked. 

Its an unfair system and leaves many desiring guests left unaccounted for, unattended, and left out of their favorite place. 

Please sign and share this petition. It will be used in a formal complaint lodged with the National Park Service to take over this process.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!