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Add Shrek to Mount Rushmore

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It is a disgrace to our nation that the most historic and life changing ogre to have ever graced the United States is not already engraved in Mount Rushmore. How can we deny this hero from this privileged honor. He has given us so much; life, liberty, laughter, inspiring quotes such as "better out than in, I always say" and shown us true bravery. No other US ogre has ever defeated a fire breathing dragon with his donkey steed for the pursuit of a charming princess in dire need. What other ogre has sacrificed his happiness by taking a mysterious love potion for his wife, unknowing the consequences. What other ogre has travelled seas to find the remaining heir to his wife's thrown, risking his life while she is pregnant for the sake of her kingdom. What other ogre has reversed his life through dark magic and fought again for his wife's love. We need more role models like him. So do our hero, Shrek, the honor he so righteously deserves and give him a spot on Mount Rushmore.

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