Remove BASE jumping from U.S. National Park aerial delivery law

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Human have evolved: we fly! We are pushing away the limits of gravity, stepping off the planet and flying for minutes at a time. However, in the U.S., the policy of The National Park Service has been to group mountain flyers into a non-human category originally meant for cargo, via the "Aerial Delivery" law, and ban human flight. This does not stop mountain flyers in U.S. National parks but, instead, forces flyers to jump in non-optimal conditions to avoid detection by park rangers, i.e., in low light. The threat of arrest adds an unnecessary distraction in a situation that demands full concentration, and many jumpers opt to not use their best equipment, knowing that if they are caught their gear will be confiscated. They place half the wear on the trail system compared to a "normal" hiker and, despite common misconceptions, their flights do not place the public in any danger. More hikers/climbers die every year in Yosemite than every single BASE jumping fatality combined. There are hundreds of search and rescue calls every year without a single percentage point coming from this community. Humans fly legally all over the world. However, in "The Land of the Free", it's a jail-able offense that carries heavy fines and government confiscation of the pilot’s wings. It's far past time to remove BASE jumping from the U.S. National Park aerial delivery law and allow these humans to practice human flight. Please help in any way you can.

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