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Justice for Dexter Thomas Wrongfully convicted by Judge/Police Abuse of authority

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Hello,My name is Dexter Thomas I am currently incarcerated in a Florida, in the Department Of Corrections. The reason for my incarceration is due to the event that took place in Lee County, Florida on November 3, 2015 at approximately 10:16p.m.. Based on documents that i am able to provide, it is clear that there were many discrepencies that were freely admitted by the arresting officers in the aformentioned documents during our court trial and their written statements. On the night this all took place I was followed by both officers Guillermo C. Monmany and officer Sean M. Havenner who were both working together that night. It was a very dark road they wanted to pull me over at, so I signaled that I would like to pull over to a more well lit area were there were other people and businesses at, for safety concerns .Furthermore, I tried to get out of the way of any possible traffic,so that I can stop.Once I got to the corner of the plaza,where I was going to turn into I stopped,Officer Guillermo C. Monmany then jumped out of his vehicle with his gun drawn pointed at my head,yelling and screaming demands in an aggressive manner, this caused me to go from being nervous, to becoming terrified. I then verbalized that I would like to pull over in the plaza and that I was going to stop over there, which was denied by the officers aggressive demands, at this time office Sean M. Havenner who stayed behind at their vehicle to request for back up, had ample time to turn on his body camera and failed to do so. Sean M. Havenner then approached my vehicle with his gun drawn as well and still failed to turn on his body camera during this time,but had time to draw his weapon. He then attempted to open my passenger side door of the vehicle I was in with his gun aimed at my face, this caused me to become even more scared than I initially was from the beginning of the traffic stop. At this point I had not only one, but two fully loaded firearms aimed at my head,as the officers were yelling and screaming at me, for running a stop sign. Despite me trying to comply with their orders. I then became so nervous and in fear for my life that I put my arm up as to shield from a bullet and fled,because the way the officers were acting that night. It was not normal. When the officers finally caught up with me I threw my hands up in the air after I heard them scream he has a gun, we all no what that means, but it was a cell phone in my hand and I screamed out that I was on the phone with my sister,and then they backed down, different officers got to the scene before Officer Monmany and Havenner. I had no problem complying with their orders because they were not acting the way the other two were,with guns pointed in my face,they finally arrested me and did not find anything illegal on me which was what they were suppose to be looking for that night,I had no reason to flee other than the way the officers treated me and threatened my life.They left me no other option than to flee because they were going to shoot me, for running a stop sign.They had no recollection of who I was or who the vehicle belonged to so its not like I was a danger of any sort. I was a normal citizen that night, like you. Not only did they threaten my life, they failed to ask for proper identification, did not turn on their body cameras and also obstructed the vehicle which is against policy rules that both officers were knowledgeable of, in the documentation that I have, it was stated by the officers that they were looking for people with drugs, guns, and warrants which i had neither of.Yes, I did run a stop sign but,I shouldn't have been treated in such an aggressive manner.These officers abused their authority.and I feel like I was treated that way because I was a black man driving in a bad area, alone! I also feel that one of the main reasons they were riding together that night is because they were making illegal drug busts in the Dunbar Community which they are known to do.This is why they had the county and the city riding together because they are not required to use body cameras at one of the agencies which allows them to do as they please.


My attorney was Ryan Downey, He also had a small part to play in my case because he had no choice they backed him into a corner to turn me over.The Judicial system hires public pretenders to work for them. Its all about money and power.The Judge who was assigned to my case was Margaret Steinbeck of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court here in Lee County, Florida Who was the person who played the key roll in sending me to prison.she made several fundamental errors on her behalf during my trial that caused me to be in prison at this time. She sentenced me even though I was never supposed to come to prison.I have had several attorneys look over this case and have stated that case laws were broken. They also made it so that they kept putting extensions on my transcripts so that I could not appeal this in time so by the time I would be able to have an appellate attorney over see my case, it would be time for me to come home.All of this was done strategically. When I reached out to lawyers, they stated that the fact that it took so long to gain access to the transcript was bizarre.They knew that there was a statue of limitations on the time frame on which I could seek legal counsel.It took them almost two years to let my loved one gain access to those records.I have four children whom I have to be away from every day because of these unprofessional people, who call themselves working for the Justice system. Judge Margaret Steinbeck was the person who played the biggest part of me going to prison. She had it out for me since day one. She let me know it was personal.She split my charges into seprate accounts when it should have been only one whole incident.This was done so that I could be found guilty by at least one Jury. I was denied to speak for myself during my first trial which in turn caused me to lose that trial. The second trial all Eight jury members found me NOT GUILTY in less than half an hour.It was clear that had my charges not been split up I would have been home right now and had I not spoken for myself and beat that charge I would have been sentenced for over 15 years for battery on L.E.O. We all know that is a hard charge to beat, but the facts were all there ,that the officers were in the wrong. Judge Steinbeck backed them up because that is not something that they are willing to admit to, so they all stuck together.The officer clearly stated they would have shot me that night. Steinbeck still made it her business to sentence me and take me away from my family.All of this is much bigger than just the officers who pulled me over that night at gun point,This is also about the people who have authority like judges as Margaret Steinbeck who are supposed to be neutral in judgement,but are biased and are corrupt.Who knows how many other people Margaret Steinbeck and others have illegally sentenced and took away from loved ones.I had to get up there and fight for my life not once from the police but twice in trial against the Judge and State Attorney because they were trying to give me the max for what those officers did to me.

Judge Margaret Steinbeck is still working at the Lee County Judicial Circuit Court and should be removed from her chair so she does not wrongfully convict anyone else..Guillermo C. Monmany is also still employed at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and has not been reprimanded…. Sean M. Havenner resigned that same year of my arrest. There have been several complaints made to the Fort Myers Police Department and several Lawsuits pending for Racial profiling and Police Misconduct against him on behalf of other locals. I am doing this petition to seek justice, and emergency release as I should not be in prison, and to expose the way higher ups who get away with incidents like this, and in hopes that my story will reach the right hands to shed light on situations like mine because I am just one of many people who made it out alive to tell my story and I thank God every day for that.This could have been anyone.You,your child,you parent,sibling, or loved one. This has to stop, but we have to start somewhere. Thank you,To go more in depth about my situation visit:

These page link contains documents of my trial and where the officers admitted to these acts,also things the Judge said and did that should have not been done.These documents are key to my freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, Please sign and share.

Dexter Thomas


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